Monday, October 5, 2009

The Power of Publicity

Wow! Publicity works! Just when you think you’ve sent out all the e-mails and called all the friends you can, you get just a little glimpse of the fruits of your labors. We’ve been published! Well, we haven’t had a project published, but we’re in the news…

…and it’s in a good way!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Journey Begins...

It’s official! Kim Day, Neke White and Mark Adams are no longer working for someone, we’ve struck out on our own with the creation of ELEVEN18 ARCHITECTURE!

Our days are filled with mostly with great excitement and a sense of vitality that can only be born of being entirely in control of our own destiny. And then there’s the occasional moment when you realize that you may not have all the control – Hey! That kind of thinking won’t get you anywhere. Good thing it only lasts a second when it comes!

As one of our hopeful future clients said recently, “What the heck. I’ll jump off the cliff with you.” And that’s what it’s like. Right now, we’re pretty confident that there’s water at the bottom of the cliff. Or a big pile of pillows. Jello will work too.

We invite you to join our journey and follow our trials and tribulations here on our blog. We’ll post our victories and because there won’t be any failures, you’ll all have something positive to look forward to with each post!

And lastly, we’re sure you’re all wondering where our name came from. Well, you can imagine the trials of three talented and creative architects trying to come up with a name. Some of the names we considered were…

Adams White Day, White Day Adams, Day Adams White, Adams White and Day, Day Day Day, White Adams Day (WAD), Native Arch, Pure Architecture, Pure Night of Eve, Eve’s Pure Day, White Square Architects, Clear Form, Fromaught Architects, Indigenous Aught, Indig-Aught, Root Form – Architecture Interiors Graphics Planning, Foundation Architecture, Fair Zenith and Line : Architecture and Interiors, Invention Architecture and Interiors, Two Ladies and a Fat Man, 1111800, Adams, White and Day : Architecture and Interiors, Zenith Architecture and Interiors, Clear Zenith and Line : Architecture and Interiors, Light Dot Studio, Bright Zenith, Light Zenith, Clear Zenith, Line Fair Zenith, Fair Zenith and Impression, Progeniture : Architecture, Chip Off the Ol’ Block Architects, Provenance Architects and Interiors

But in the end, a simple entry of our last names on Google yielded the following…

November 1, 1800: On this day in 1800, President John Adams, in the last year of his only term as president, moved into the newly constructed President’s House, the original name for what is known today as the White House.

And so November 1, 1800 was shortened to Eleven18 and thus the name of our company was born.

Personally, I was pulling for Two Ladies and a Fat Man the whole time.